Monday, July 4, 2011

Super Hero Squad Online: Meet Rogue

Posted by Bonez:

Hero Up, Squaddies! "Super Hero Squad Online" is now live, and you can tour through Super Hero City as your favorite heroes in the all-new online game! In the coming months, we'll be highlighting the different Squaddies with new character vignettes and screenshots from the game right here on, so check back regularly for all the latest on "Super Hero Squad Online"!

Rogue flexes her muscles in "Super Hero Squad Online" What's that flash of green zipping through the air? Why, it's the newest member of our "Super Hero Squad Online" family: Rogue!

Soar through the grand heights of Super Hero City, then jump right into battle with Rogue's high-powered kicks and punches! The baddies won't know what hit them!

Log on now to to play as Rogue or any of her fellow Merry Mutants in "Super Hero Squad Online"!

Keep your eyes peeled to as we continue to bring you more spotlights on the Squaddies from "Super Hero Squad Online," and vist to play the game yourself!

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