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From CBR:

As one of the inverted heroes of the recently concluded "Avengers & X-Men: AXIS," Rogue did a lot of damage to the Marvel Universe. As one of the members of Rick Remender and Daniel Acuña's "Uncanny Avengers," she'll attempt to make up for her transgressions.

Today, she's the focus of Marvel's latest teaser for the upcoming series, following in the footsteps of QuicksilverScarlet Witch and Brother Voodoo. Illustrated by Acuña, the teaser quotes the mutant hero as saying, "I'm telling you right now, sugah. This is coming to an end."

The new "Uncanny Avengers" team will include Scarlet Witch, Rogue, Quicksilver, Vision, Brother Voodoo, Sam Wilson and Sabretooth.

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I'm not out of retirement, just saw this and thought I'd share!  Yay!!!

From CBR!

The long-discussed "Gambit" film starring Channing Tatum in the lead role is officially a go at 20th Century Fox, Deadline reports Friday. 

Tatum will also be a producer on the film, along with Reid Carolin (his partner in production company Free Association) plus long-time X-Men movie producer Lauren Shuler Donner and genre veteran Simon Kinberg. Josh Zetumer, who wrote this year's "Robocop" reboot, has been hired to write the screenplay. In an unexpected move, Zetumer's script is reportedly based on a treatment by prolific X-Men writer Chris Claremont, the character's co-creator.

As one of the most popular (and polarizing) X-Men characters, a solo "Gambit" movie has been a source of speculation for years. Tatum has long publicly expressed his appreciation of the character and desire to play Gambit on screen, and Donner discussed wanting to make the film happen on the promotional trail for this year's "X-Men: Days of Future Past." For months, reports have surfaced that Tatum as Gambit was virtually a done deal, but Friday's report is the first that states the film is officially in motion at Fox.

"We really do want to try our hardest to give something fresh," Tatum said while promoting the recently released "Book of Life." "We're obviously going to go to the saving-the-world superhero movies eventually, but maybe not for the first one. We kinda want to introduce this character in a different way. When you try to do something different, you never know right off the bat what that is."

This won't be the first time Gambit has been portrayed in live-action -- Taylor Kitsch played the character in a supporting role in "X-Men Origins: Wolverine," and expressed interest in revisiting the character in future projects.

Gambit -- a Cajun mutant with the ability to charge items with kinetic energy and uses playing cards and a metal staff as his weapons of choice -- was created by Claremont and artist (and current DC Entertainment co-publisher) Jim Lee, with his first full appearance in 1990's "Uncanny X-Men" #266. The character was a main fixture of the 1990s "X-Men" animated series, and has been a regular presence in Marvel's comic books, most recently "All-New X-Factor."

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From CBR (thanks for the heads up sandman!)

Ugly artwork and how did Rogue come back from the dead?  She sure got over hating Wanda pretty fast.


• This is it! The conclusion to an epic two years in the making and rest assured nothing will ever be the same again!

• The final battle will not be with the enemy--it will be with ourselves.

• In our darkest hour The Avengers Unity Squad unite entirely and the fate of the seven futures decided!

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Rogue is back?!

From IGN





The MARCH to AXIS continues!

• Havok and his team defeated at the hands of the sinister S-Men!

• A dark secret in Genosha!

• The Red Skull’s revenge is now unstoppable.

32 PGS./Rated T …$3.99

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New Forum - Capes Optional

And another one for William!

A new forum page started up by Michael Regan, called Capes Optional:

We're doing reviews, building up content. Come on by and take a look.

Free Comic Book Day

I'm not back, I'm just lurking!  ;p

Just posting this for William cuz he 's just so cute!

I Have A Couple Of Jokers In The Deck

Free Comic Book Day was held in comic shops here in North America on Saturday, with multiple companies putting out freebies at shops. It also brought out people in costume. I went to two shops downtown. These were taken in The Comic Book Shoppe, and the place was busy. I had to take shots as opportunity allowed and people milled about.

We had two Jokers. "Why so serious?"

An unlikely pair, given that they're in different comic universes, and he's a hero, whilst she's not, this pair posed as Captain America and Harley Quinn.

There was even a Wolverine in the mix (admittedly I tend to think of the comics character as the Drunken Hobbit), and he was getting the attitude (and the sideburns) just right.

And we finish off with Rogue of the X-Men, otherwise known as Our Lady Of The Blessed White Hair Streak.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Excerpt from CBR:

A glimmer of hope?  And when will Rogue return???

Jen is hoping for more insight into Rogue and whether fans will have the opportunity to see her again.

Dear Mr. Remender,

Thank you for taking the time to answer fan questions. It is probably rather thankless at times considering all the hard work that goes into creating the stories. With that said, as a Rogue fan, is there any chance we will see her again? It seemed like she was a rather unfinished character. She did not do much except serve as a plot device in order to make Wanda look better and seem more heroic. Was that intentional? Also why do you think she suddenly turned on all those years as an X-Man and as a leader/mentor of young people to just kill Wanda? You mentioned the Xavier thing, but other characters were much closer to him and did not have the redemption history. They might have fit better in the story. After AvX, Rogue seemed to be in a great place and more resilient than ever. It just seems like there has to be more to the story.

I don't think that what happened with Rogue did make Wanda look better. It was a mistake, a misunderstanding built on Rogue's mistrust, and really, it's a mistrust I think she has a right to. I don't think that it was irrational given what she's been through. In the past few years Rogue has lost so much. The loss of Charles Xavier alone could level her. Charles was the first person to ever believe in her and offer her a place to belong, a moment we even recreated in issue #2 to drive this emotion home. This was a man who took her away from her life of crime, even when every member of the X-Men threatened to quit. And he was killed by one of her closest and dearest friends, Scott Summers.

Prior to that, she watched the decimation of the mutants at the hands of the Scarlet Witch. The X-Men were sent into hiding. Things go worse and worse.

Over the course of this series Rogue was reverting and doing what many people do in times of grief -- regressing into more primal state of who she once was before Charles Xavier brought her into the X-Men and rehabilitated her.

She thought that Wanda was doing some monumentally terrible thing, again, against the will of the mutants. And after everything that she has suffered from M-Day to the loss of Charles Xavier all of it begins with those three words that Wanda said. Her animosity towards Wanda is earned in my eyes. Rogue began to sink into depression, and was mad, and I stand by that direction for her.

But, this is also just the middle act in a story that I am not through telling. It is not the end of the characters nor is it the end of their time in the Marvel Universe. But it is the end to an aspect of each of them and it is something that they went through to help earn what they find on the other side.

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Frozen: Elsa Joins The X-Men In Alternate Ending

Everyone who has seen 'Frozen' not only comes away feeling like the world is a better place but with their heart beating to the tune of Let It Go.

However, the cinematic cynics over atHow It Should Have Ended, who also happen to be downright hilarious, have spotted a different avenue that the film could have taken - and they've now created it in animated form for the Internet's pleasure.

After making fun of 'Frozen's' opening musical number because it doesn't fit in with any other style from the movie, we then see that the King of Queen of Arendelle were actually pretty woeful parents as they immediately decided to ostracise Elsa because of her icy talents rather than seeking out a place where they could be nurtured.

What kind of place would do such a thing, I hear you hark? Well, what about Professor Xavier's X-Mansion, where the X-Men ensemble gather to learn at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters?

Plus, it just so happens that in HISHE's world the head Troll who is able to save Elsa is old-pals with Professor X too, because he is immediately able to get her a spot at the institution.

As it turns out, many years later Elsa has turned the rest of the students into the mutant version of 'Grease's' Rydell High School as she belts out Let It Go with Storm, Rogue and Nightcrawler, and even Wolverine can't help but join in when he hears them blasting it out too. However, it doesn't look as though Bobby "Iceman" Drake is too fond of their rendition though.

Plus, for good measure, Olaf and Anna appear right at the end to show that she isn't left out in the cold because of her sister's relocation to the revered boarding school. Phew! I just thought that she would have joined her mother and father on their ill-fated cross-ocean trip to Rapunzel and Eugene's wedding from 'Tangled.'

If you've got a spare hour you should definitely check out the dozens of otherHow It Should Have Ended clips, which will either enhance or detract from your enjoyment of your favourite movies. It's definitely worth the risk.

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Pete Holmes Fires Rogue

Thought this was cool.

The Pete Holmes Show posted a new “Ex-Men” segment in which he portrays Professor X, insulting and firing mutants likeNightcrawlerIcemanJubileeAngel,Gambit, and Wolverine.

Now he’s firing Rogue, the obvious reason being, “Insurance is through the roof, and having an unintentional energy vampire just going around touching sh-t? It’s just not going to work for the next quarter.”

He then slams her for somehow constantly forgetting she’s not supposed to kiss the other mutants, and he isn’t going to countenance her excuses.

“I wish I could control my powers.”

“And I wish I could walk. It’s wish time? How long does this go?”


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CxPulp Pick Six ~ January 8th, 2014

Posted by William!

Detective Comics #27Writers: John Layman and various
Artists: Jason Fabok, Greg Capullo, and various
Publisher: DC

Way back when, long long before the pointless New 52 reboot, Detective Comics #27 hit the stand and introduced the Dark Knight to the world. The comics world would never be the same, and that particular issue is perhaps more consequential to DC than even the earlier Action Comics debut of Superman. Now in the post reboot world, Detective Comics hits that same number, and DC couldn't pass up the notion of marking that particular issue. So we have ourselves an oversized special release, with Layman and Fabok kicking off a new story, 'Gothtopia'. And a who's who of creative talent have come in with stories of their own: Brad Meltzer, Scott Snyder, Bryan Hitch, Peter Tomasi, Paul Dini, Neal Adams, and much more. This is one book, even if you're not a regular reader of the Batman universe, that you should pick up this week. ~ William Keogh, CxPulp Columnist

All New Marvel Now Point One #1
Artists: Various
Publisher: Marvel

The Marketing Chimps apparently failed to live up to a New Year's resolution to stop being such obnoxious wastes of oxygen and go away. Because they're still here. Well, every once in awhile after a big event or with the launching of some new notion, such as All New Marvel Now (I steadfastly refuse to add in exclamation points or capitalize every single letter, take that, you insufferably obnoxious Marketing Chimps), Marvel has a habit of releasing these oversized Point One specials, which are basically just lead-ins to five or so new series about to debut. Such is the case with this one. We've got ourselves a Black Widow story. The Silver Surfer turns up. The new Ms. Marvel will make an appearance. The Hulk and two of his fellow Avengers get a story to themselves. There's a Kree plot somewhere in the mix. And everyone's favourite Asgardian god of mischief is back in a more adult body and taking on a new role for Asgard... as a spy. Anyway, there's something for everyone, even if the All New Marvel Now idiocy makes me roll my eyes. ~ William Keogh, CxPulp Columnist

Revolutionary War Alpha
 Andy Lanning
Artist: Richard Elson
Publisher: Marvel

The heroes of Marvel UK are often overlooked in the greater Marvel Universe. There are some I hadn't heard of myself, of course, and others I miss seeing more of. Certainly the seriesCaptain Britain and MI13 is very missed. Anyway, Marvel is bringing them back in a series of one shots over the next three months, entitled Revolutionary War. Captain Britain, Pete Wisdom, and many more must band together against a threat with the power to bring down the entire world (oh, one of those?). I've been looking forward to this since I first heard about it, even without knowing some of the players who'll be having one shots of their own during the event. And if it gives the heroes of the United Kingdom some well needed exposure, so much the better. Andy Lanning kicks it all off here, and we can trust his skills as a writer. He was one half of the duo who did so much good for Marvel's cosmic side of things with titles like Guardians of the Galaxy, after all. Too bad that title got hijacked by He Who Loves The Sound Of His Own Voice. So it all begins here. Where will it end? With Mr. Bean inaugurated into the band of heroes as the last best hope of humanity? Come to think of it, I could see that... ~ William Keogh, CxPulp Columnist

Black Widow #1
 Nathan Edmonson
Artist: Phil Noto
Publisher: Marvel

The world's most dangerous woman returns in a solo series of her own (again). The Black Widow, longtime Avenger, headlines a solo series once more, and it's a welcome one. I've always liked Natasha, so having one of my favourite Avengers get a solo spotlight is indeed a treat. This series by Edmonson and Noto is going to delve into that aspect of her life she keeps separate from her Avengers duties: her dark past in the spy business. She once worked for the KGB, and has had a good deal of blood on her hands. Redemption for that past is something that motivates her, but there are times when the past can come back to haunt one. This title looks like it'll be playing around with that dark history of the Widow, so I'm anticipating that I'll be enjoying it. I hope the run on this title certainly goes for a long time to come. ~ William Keogh, CxPulp Columnist

Avengers World #1
 Jonathan Hickman
Artist: Stefano Caselli
Publisher: Marvel

As I've said before, the Marketing Chimps never seem to have heard of oversaturating a concept, hence the habit in the last year or two of slapping an Avengers label onto endless new titles. At least in this case, it actually fits. Writer Jonathan Hickman is writing the two core books of the Avengers titles, Avengers and New Avengers, and now he gets a third to play with. In the wake ofInfinity, the Avengers have returned to Earth, but trouble must greet them (hey, if all they were doing was sitting at a fireplace drinking hot chocolate and eating s'mores, that would get tired fast!). A new global threat has arisen, so naturally Earth's Mightiest Heroes must respond with all hands on deck. It all begins here, and Hickman gets a chance to take the Avengers global in Avengers World. ​Get in on the ground floor. ~ William Keogh, CxPulp Columnist

All New X-Factor #1
 Peter David
Artist: Carmine DiGiandomenico
Publisher: Marvel

A few months back, Peter David ended his run on X-Factor, the noirish detective team of mutants that was the best title Marvel was putting out. For a time, it seemed that PAD would be neglected and overlooked. After all, the vile fiends that I think of as Marketing Chimps were ceaselessly hyping whatever Darth Bendis was writing, to the detriment of far better writers. But fear not, because PAD is back. And so is X-Factor, in a new phase. A mutant team backed with corporate funding is about to launch into the world. Polaris will lead the team, which includes her half brother Quicksilver, a combination that could prove kinetic; PAD has written both of them extremely well in the past, and having them together offers a new dynamic for them. A newcomer to PAD's creative roster is the Cajun thief Gambit, who's on the roster. And apparently for some inexplicable reason Warlock and Cypher will also show up here (hey, I'm not a fan of either of them, but then again, PAD did make Darwin tolerable, so we'll see what he does with them). PAD gave us a title for the ages with X-Factor... and now he gets to move into a new phase with a new incarnation of the team. Given that I still stand by my opinion that he's the best writer in the industry and that X-Factor was the best book around, I suspect this new version will live up to that legacy with Peter David in charge. ~ William Keogh, CxPulp Columnist

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She Has No Head! – 25 Favorite Fictional Females, 2013 Edition!

Ok, Rogue made number 1 on this list so obviously I'm going to post that!

01. ROGUE (up from #5)Rogue2

I’ll forever be grateful to Brian Wood and Olivier Coipel for rekindling my first love intensely enough with theirX-Men to shoot her back to the top of the list. I’ve loved Rogue since I was 15 and though the character has had some atrocious sidebars (and some great things too in the MANY years since I was 15) my heart soared this past year to feel her returned to her roots and former glory. Of course I also had to watch Rick Remender not only brutally murder her, but perform an unfortunate character assassination at the same time over in Uncanny Avengers, but I’m just gonna pretend that is not happening over there in the corner. I have no doubt Rogue will be back bigger and better than ever in no time at all, and I hope such a brutal exit will pave the way for an even more glorious (and interesting) return to comics.

Read Rogue: If you want the current/recent stuff I can’t recommendX-Men Vol. 1: Primer enough when it comes to Rogue. Also absolutely worth the buy (digital I guess if you can’t find the single issue?) is the Black Widow/Rogue team up story by Chris Bachalo in A+X #2 – easily one of my favorite short stories of the past year. You can also pick up Remender’s Uncanny Avengers and there is some good stuff there, but toward the end (i.e. the recent issues) I didn’t even recognize Rogue as a character – her actions felt completely counter to who she has become perhaps because that’s what Remender needed for the story he wanted – it’s unfortunate. Definitely worth a look is her current run in X-Men: Marvel Knights where she stars in a smaller story with Wolverine and Kitty.

Rogue and Black Widow

If you want “Classic Rogue” there are some good omnibuses out there for X-Books. X-Men Vol. 1 purports to be Claremont/Lee and while that’s sorta true, it’s more Silvestri (which is not a bad thing). X-Men Vol. 2 IS more accurately Claremont/Lee. Also, if you’re in the mood for Classic Rogue with an alternate reality twist then Age of Apocalypse has been collected and as many of you may remember, Rogue gets a lot of great screen time and development there (although it’s the worst costume she’s ever had – like, seriously).

Slightly less classic Rogue but also an alt reality story that’s worth a look is Mike Carey’s ambitious Age of X in which Rogue gets some nice focus (as always with Carey who knows the character well). Age of X has problems, but there’s good stuff there as well.

Here’s some Rogue to remind you why she’s so great, in case I failed to do it in words:Rogue-SHNH-Header

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Thank you all

Hi everyone.  I want to thank you all for visiting and contributing to Rebel Rogue these past few years!  You are all tremendously awesome.

When I began this blog it was just a way to share my love of Rogue.  I remember eagerly trolling the internet looking for any snippet of Rogue.  Comic book day was greeted with eager enthusiasm!  

Sadly, this is no longer the case.  My work schedule keeps me very busy and  it's months before I find my way into the comic shop - mostly because I just don't care anymore.  Marvel has managed to slowly make Rogue so uninteresting to me that I actually feel a loss.  I can barely recognize her at all.

If anyone is interested in running my blog please let me know, otherwise I will only periodically update it - if at all.

Again, thank you all so much and much love to you all.  It's been a fun ride.

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Happy Holidays and Love to All!

CxPulp Pick Six ~ December 24th, 2013

Thank you once again, William!

Justice League #26
Writer: Geoff Johns
Artist: Ivan Reis
Publisher: DC

Geoff Johns, one third of the Unholy Trinity that decided to reboot the DC universe for no reason, gets to write whatever he likes. Must be nice to be one of the bosses of the company. So he gets to play with the Justice League, particularly now during the Forever Evil event. Anyway, all sorts of bad stuff is going down in the DC universe, or so it seems (I don't read that much DC, so for all I know the Crime Syndicate has come in, removed the Justice League, and is playing nice by hosting tea parties for all). According to the solicits, this issue reveals much of their reasons for coming to Earth. Where will it take them? Will the League prevail? Will the Unholy Trinity reboot the DC universe again? ~ William Keogh, CxPulp Columnist

Forever Evil #4
Writer: Geoff Johns
Artist: David Finch
Publisher: Marvel

Forever Evil carries on in this latest issue, out this week (just how long is this event again?). Johns is the ringmaster for the whole thing, writing this event as well as his work over on Justice League, letting evil run wild on the DC universe. It seems this one features a throwdown between Batman and Lex Luthor (smart as you are, Lex, you're outclassed by the Dark Knight). Death is coming, wars are being waged, and the heroes have to step up and actually get into the game to save the day (that usually happens in the second to last and the last issues of any big event, just when things look their worst). Otherwise all will be lost. And no doubt the hairline challenged Luthor will blame it all on Superman. It's a thing he does. ~ William Keogh, CxPulp Columnist

Origin II #1
 Kieron Gillen
Artist: Adam Kubert
Publisher: Marvel

A few years back Paul Jenkins and Andy Kubert gave us Origin, the full story of the early years of one James Howlett, the man who would later become known as Logan, or to me as the Drunken Hobbit. It shed light on the murky past that even he had forgotten, defining the man he was to become and serving to influence the first Wolverine film along the way. Now along comes a new miniseries, following up on that a few years later. Gillen and Kubert sibling Adam are joining forces to carry on Logan's story, a recluse away from society drawn back into it. Apparently it's going to somehow feature Mr. Sinister, and it starts here. Well, we'll see what these two do with it. They're hobbled with the central character (have I mentioned how much I dislike Wolverine?), but they're both good talents. ~ William Keogh, CxPulp Columnist

Avengers #24
 Jonathan Hickman
Artist: Esad Ribic
Publisher: Marvel

Well, Infinity is behind Earth's Mightiest Heroes. Inhumanity lurks around them. And as always, the infernal Marketing Chimps are lurking around causing trouble. This particular issue kicks off three months of All New Marvel Now (ugghhh...), another venture thought up by some knuckledragger in the marketing department to relaunch series with new numbering and such... well, aside from this title, which continues its numbering (for the moment). In the solicits, however, it gets NOW plastered right after the numbering, triggering no end of eye rolls from yours truly. Yes, the Marketing Chimps have too much time on their hands. We need to get them all together, and drop them into an active molten volcano. Anyway, Hickman's kicking off a new story with this issue, with new threats and new directions for the Avengers. Hopefully that includes seeing Wolverine dropped into the Marianas Trench wrapped in heavy weights. Let's see his healing factor cope with that much water pressure in the deepest part of the ocean. Hey, a guy can hope, right? ~ William Keogh, CxPulp Columnist

CxPulp Pick Six ~ December 18th, 2013

Thank you William!

Batman and Two Face #26
 Peter Tomasi
Artist: Patrick Gleason
Publisher: DC

No, don't worry. Batman hasn't been hideously scarred. That's just the artist's obligation to give us a dramatic cover. While this book carries on with the arc pitting Bats against his old adversary Two Face, and awaits the next Brightly Coloured Moving Target (aka Robin), Tomasi continues to write this corner of the Dark Knight's world. Bruce must find Harvey Dent, and that means digging into the past of the former prosecutor. We shall see where that leads him. And when he's done... will that mean the next Robin will be unveiled? And if so, can we be offered assurances that it won't be the completely pointless Carrie, brought into the mainstream DC universe for no reason? ~ William Keogh, CxPulp Columnist

Harley Quinn #1
 Amanda Conner
Artist: Chad Hardin
Publisher: DC

With the introductory Zero issue behind us, the first issue of the series is now out. The slightly (and by slightly I mean totally) deranged member of the Suicide Squad, sometime paramour of the Joker, and all around looney tune Harley has a solo series again, and she's not taking prisoners. Or maybe she is, and she's tormenting them to no end. It's just the sort of thing Harley would do. All while talking in a slightly nasal way (benefits of having had watched lots of the animated Batman series... I can't think of the character without hearing that voice). Amanda Conner gets to write the new series, so let's see what she can do with it. If it happens to involve Harley throwing herself at the Dark Knight at some point and giving him a big wet sloppy kiss, well, Bruce can't say he didn't have that coming. ~ William Keogh, CxPulp Columnist

X-Men #8
 Brian Wood
Artist: Terry Dodson
Publisher: Marvel

The new arc continues as Lady Deathstrike moves against the X-ladies. For good measure, Karima is mixed into all of this, trying to find her place in the world. And there's a new player in the team... the former X-Factor mainstay M, aka Monet. She's known some members of this squad for a long time. How will she relate to them now? Brian Wood is tasked with writing the adventures of a group of mutant heroines, and for once, that actually means there's nary a trace of either a Drunken Hobbit or an uptight Scott Summers in an X-book. That alone is reason well worth picking this book up. ~ William Keogh, CxPulp Columnist

Scarlet Spider #25
 Christopher Yost
Artist: David Baldeon
Publisher: Marvel

In retrospect, it's surprising this title lasted twenty five issues. The Marketing Chimps (vile, loathsome fiends that they are) paid no attention at all for this title, instead lavishing all their attention in other areas (coughDarthBendiscough). Writer Christopher Yost was left to his own devices telling an intensely character driven story of a man torn between the darkness of his bloody past and his innate search for redemption. We got ourselves a clone struggling to find his place in the world, a compelling man with tremendous depth. Kaine Parker's journey (in a solo title) is coming to an end though, and his past has come back to haunt him. What will be left when it's all said and done? Well, we do know Yost has the Scarlet Spider among his cast of characters for the upcoming New Warriors relaunch... ~ William Keogh, CxPulp Columnist

Avengers Assemble #22
 Kelly Sue DeConnick
Artist: Matteo Buffagni
Publisher: Marvel

Kelly Sue DeConnick is one of the underused gems in the stable of creative talent at Marvel. Her strong characterization onCaptain Marvel has more than compensated for what has often been poor art in that title. And since taking on the writing for Avengers Assemble and focusing on select characters among Earth's Mightiest Heroes, she has made this book enjoyable. Not that the Marketing Chimps will ever pay attention to her for it, and that's sad. She's a good writer, but they're obliged to endlessly hype the best friend ever of the boss (someday my dislike of Darth Bendis is going to come back to haunt me). Anyway, this issue ties intoInhumanity, and features Spider-Woman, the Hulk, and Spider-Girl. Ever since DeConnick started with this book and paired Spider-Woman and the Hulk on a joint mission, she's done well with that particular and unlikely dynamic. This is a title you should be reading. ~ William Keogh, CxPulp Columnist

Uncanny Avengers #15
 Rick Remender
Artist: Steve McNiven
Publisher: Marvel

So we had ourselves a wee bit of death last issue. It happens. Or did it? Are we only seeing what we're meant to see, but not the truth? Time will tell. Anyway, the team of Avengers and mutants stands shattered by all that has happened, and things are seemingly only getting worse. The Apocalypse Twins are on the move, and the God of Thunder stands in their way. Oh, and apparently the Wasp is in for a fight against that undead waste of space, the Sentry (aka Mustard Boy, the mostpointless character ever devised, thanks for nothing, Paul Jenkins). You'd think having his corpse tossed into the sun would have ensured there wasn't enough left of him to raise from the dead for a Big Bad to make use of as one of the Four Horsemen, but apparently not. What? They couldn't have come up with another dead Avenger or dead X-Man in his place? ~ William Keogh, CxPulp Columnist

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Paquin's Rogue Cut From "X-Men: Days of Future Past"

Thank you sandman for the post !

Bad news for fans of Anna Paquin's Rogue: in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, "X-Men: Days of Future Past" director Bryan Singer revealed that the only sequence Paquin appeared in during the film has been cut during editing. However, the director strongly stated that it had nothing to do with Paquin's performance.

“Through the editing process, the sequence became extraneous,” Singer told EW. “It’s a really good sequence and it will probably end up on the DVD so people can see it. But like many things in the editing process, it was an embarrassment of riches and it was just one of the things that had to go. Unfortunately, it was the one and only sequence Anna Paquin was in, the Rogue character was in. Even though she’s in the materials and part of the process of making the film, she won’t appear in it.”

According to EW, the scene -- characterized as a "rescue sequence" -- was shot early in production and involved Paquin, Shawn Ashmore (Iceman), Ian McKellen (Magneto) and Patrick Stewart (Professor X). Paquin has already been notified of the edit, and according to Singer, "She completely understood."

Paquin was one of the many "X-Men" movie veterans who returned for "Days of Future Past," and though her scene has been cut during the editing process, the "X-Men: First Class" sequel marked her fourth run at portraying the character.

"X-Men: Days of Future Past" is scheduled for release May 23, 2014.

Anna Paquin's Rogue Has Been Cut Out Of X-Men: Days Of Future Past

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Bryan Singer's X-Men: Days of Future Pastpromises to bring together multiple generations of the mutant superhero team, with the worlds of the original X-Men trilogy and Matthew Vaughn's X-Men: First Classcolliding, but today it has been sadly announced that one fan-favorite character has been axed from the final cut of the film. During a recently interview withEntertainment Weekly, the director revealed that Anna Paquin, who plays Rogue in the cinematic X-Men series, is no longer going to appear in next summer's blockbuster. 

The detail was uncovered when Singer explained how a rescue sequence that was shot in the beginning of production on the movie ended up needing to get cut. The scene features Magneto (Ian McKellen), Professor X (Patrick Stewart), Rogue (Anna Paquin), and Iceman (Shawn Ashmore), but Singer says that it ultimately affected the pacing of the film negatively. The good news, however, is that we will be able to see it someday. Explained the filmmaker, 
"Through the editing process, the sequence became extraneous. It’s a really good sequence and it will probably end up on the DVD so people can see it. But like many things in the editing process, it was an embarrassment of riches and it was just one of the things that had to go. Unfortunately, it was the one and only sequence Anna Paquin was in, the Rogue character was in. Even though she’s in the materials and part of the process of making the film, she won’t appear in it."

I must say that this is kind of a bummer. The last time we saw Rogue, in X-Men: The Last Stand, she had received the mutant "cure" and was going on to try and live a normal life. Thanks to the last shot of Magneto in the movie we know that the "cure" ended up being temporary, but what then what happened to Rogue? We won't get an answer to that question until the movie comes out on home video some time next fall, and it sounds like they won't be getting too deep into the material. Maybe she will play a crucial role in 2016's X-Men: Apocalypse

X-Men: Days of Future Past may not include Paquin, but it does have a full roster of familiar faces. From the original trilogy we will once again get to see Sir Patrick Stewart, Sir Ian McKellen, Hugh Jackman, Halle Berry, Shawn Ashmore, Ellen Page, and Daniel Cudmore,while returning First Class members include James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, and Nicholas Hoult. Joining the franchise in new roles will be Adam Canto, Peter Dinklage, Omar Sy, Booboo Stewart, Evan Peters, Josh Helman, and Fan Bing Bing. You can watch the teaser trailer for the movie below, and catch the full thing in theaters on May 23, 2014. 

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